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Happy New Year 2012

Wishing all the readers a very Happy New Year…. Advertisements

Roasted Fruits or Unroasted ones

Walking down many of the leafy lanes of Central Mumbai or for that matter any other city in India, this season, one cannot miss the purple violet splats on the street and pavements as little plum-like fruits lie squashed and trampled upon. These are obviously over-ripe fruit, that cannot hold onto the woody branches and … Continue reading

Palm Fruit on Summer afternoons

Hot, summer afternoons bring back memories of my childhood waiting for the Nongu or Palmyra Fruit vendor who would shout out – “Taadgole”, and look towards the balconies of the tree lined Gymkhana Road. I would rush out to the balcony and beckon him to come to the “doosra mala” (second floor). The tanned vendor … Continue reading

Man in White

Baburam’s routine was unbroken for over 3 decades. He lived near the Dattatrey temple (a temple dedicated to the patron saint of Maharashtra) and always started his day with a visit to the temple. On festival days, he was often seen helping the priest manage the crowds, or even help in a few chores pertaining … Continue reading

Sunday Morning

  Baby John woke up as usual at 6 am. It was Sunday, and the day to go to Church. Baby took his shower and quickly gulped down his kattan kaapi, black coffee sweetened with jaggery, wore his trademark starched white bush shirt and his blinding white starched mundu, the white cotton wraparound and put … Continue reading

Corn on the Cob

Walking from St Marks Road towards Cubbon Park, I looked out for a pavement to walk safely on . Sadly, there were hardly any and whatever was there, was narrow, uneven and encroached. That is how I noticed the Cuddapah stone ledge jutting out of a low wall, next to a large Fashion Designer store. … Continue reading

Mela in the City – a real one!

  The poles were unloaded from the LCV alongwith the loose bundles of coir rope. The loaders also unpacked the tied-up whitish tent-cloth with the colourful borders. They had barely half a day to set up the 50 odd stalls along the sides of the already narrow and busy street. Children were excited as they … Continue reading

“Patti, Gajar Pak”

Walking along Sansad Marg is quite tricky. There is very little room available on the pavement, especially near the bus stop opposite Park Hotel. One has to sidestep the lemon seller or the vendor of roasted peanuts (still in their shells) as well as the hordes of jacket wearing, muffler shrouded men waiting for their … Continue reading

Chirping, Twittering from the Tree above

  The twittering grew louder and although it sounded like a bunch of sparrows sparring over some bread scraps, I knew it was not an avian sound. Chirping of sparrows come with more background sound (music to some ears), that of flapping wings, and gasps of dust and air fluttering about as the birds get … Continue reading

Cowrie Shells and the Batons

As I hastened my steps though the crowded street, and dodged the vegetable wicker basket on the pavement to my left and a rash black and yellow taxi to my right, I muttered angrily under my breath – “how unruly and uncivic this city had become? No place for pedestrians to walk”. But as I … Continue reading